Why stress eating is a double whammy

Eating a pint of frozen dessert or a bag of chips is rarely a sensible move. however once you are stressed, there is a sensible probability you reach for calorie-laden comfort foods and not a couple of carrot sticks.

Eating is not the best solution to ease stress, of course. Yoga, deep respiration or taking a walk are all healthier alternatives. However within the stressful spur of the moment, it should appear a lot more soothing to grab some candy. Not solely will consumption not ease stress, however; it also can cause you to gain weight.

And currently researchers in Australia have found an extra drawback. Eating while stressed, they found, ends up in a lot more of weight gain than eating while you feel calm.

For the study, printed within the journal Cell Metabolism, researchers at the Eating Disorders Laboratory at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research checked out the brains of mice.

“Our study showed that while stressed over an extended amount of time and high-calorie food being available, mice became fat a lot more quickly than mice who consumed the same high-fat food during a stress-free environment,” Kenny Chi Kin Ip, lead author of the study, says during a statement.

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