What is cheese tea?

Cheese tea. It’s specifically what it sounds like. a mix of cheese and tea. However it is not what you are probably picturing if, like me, you first imagined a cup of hot tea with cheese molten into it somehow.

It’s served cold, and also the bottom is tea-based. It may be a milk, classic, matcha or another tea selection, and also the cheese comes in on the highest layer of the drink.
“Cheese tea is like a tea caffe latte, however the froth could be a bit thicker and made of a whipped cheese topping,” says Jenny Zheng, founder of little Fluffy Head restaurant in Los Angeles .

Zheng said she noticed the cheese tea trend in China a few years ago. At the time she was a student at UCLA where she was studying for her masters in bio-engineering. Before graduation in 2016, she also worked in a tea shop. She realized she liked tea so much and thought of opening her shop once graduated.

Once done with her degree, she started working on creating her cheese tea recipes and opened the cafe.

“I wished to bring cheese tea to the American community,” Zheng said. “It’s new that we’ve got to explain to people what it is. It is not what they assume.”

She calls her cheese tea creations Fluffy Tea as a result of the cheese cream on top looks like fluffy cream.

Her cheese tea choices run from classic selections like tea or premium picks like Lychee Oolong with cheese cream on top to Matcha Tea which can have traditional cheese cream on top, a brûlée topping, or a cheddar cream that Zheng created herself.

The whipped cheese creams are created in small batches within the morning and throughout the day as required. They are always fresh. Zheng never uses something from the day before.

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