The Scientific Explanations Behind 8 Quirky Body Reactions

Your eyelid randomly starts to twitch

A twitchy eye lid, called blepharospasm, usually happens at any time and may last from minutes to days. Most are often harmless and don’t have an effect on your vision. “We don’t understand why this happens specifically but fatigue, caffeine, and stress are common causes,” says Dr. Rantala. “I usually advize making an attempt to stretch the muscle that’s having the problem.” This condition can usually go away on its own but if it lasts for more than a few days, look for a doctor instantly.

You hiccup after eating too quickly

Nothing is worse than obtaining a nasty case of the hiccups throughout a quiet meeting at work. Hiccups are usually short bursts of inhaling that will occur once the diaphragm, a sheet of muscle located above the stomach, is irritated. Your diaphragm contracts anytime you inspire. When you eat quickly, your abdomen swells up and causes these diaphragm contractions. Thus, a heavy case of the hiccups ensues.

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