The Scientific Explanations Behind 8 Quirky Body Reactions

Science unlocks the mysteries behind the strange and obscure things that our bodies do each day.

Your fingers wrinkle in the water

Blood vessel constriction is responsible for making your fingers and toes, and makes them appear as if they were prunes once you get out of the shower. As water starts to fill in your skin, the higher layers of the skin expand. This water permeation causes the nerves in your skin to fire off electrical charges and chemicals, that make the blood vessels constrict. A negative pressure from your narrowed blood vessels pulls down the higher layers of your skin to form the wrinkles you see on your fingertips and toes. “Evolutionary specialists are finding proof that it should have really helped humans to grip objects firmer once in water,” says Amy Rantala, MD, family health doctor at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. “People who have nerve damage to their fingers or toes do not have this same wrinkling of fingers.”

Your body jerks right before you fall asleep

A calculable seventy percent of individuals get hypnic jerks on a daily basis, that feeling you get once your body suddenly jerks right before you fall under a deep sleep. Research couldn’t pinpoint the precise reason behind the strange phenomenon, however there are some theories. One among them is that your muscle tone begins to shift as your respiration and heart rate start to decelerate alongside with a body temperature decline, that causes these twitches throughout the transition. It may even be that the brain sends a sign to your muscles to tense up as a result of it misinterpreting the relief of your muscles as a symbol that you’re falling.

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