6 Ways to Stay Hydrated (Other than drinking water)

Refuel with milk

Got milk? One study reported on the journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism showed that athletes that consumed milk or milk-based merchandise had higher fluid retention than those that drank Powerade. And milk contains proteins, that your body needs to recharge after workout. So the next time you exercise, try re-hydrating with light or reduced fat milk.

Replace soda with carbonated water

Soda contains caffeine and sugar that may dehydrate your body. Switch it up with sparkling water! Here’s the way to keep hydrated while you’re drinking your favorite bubbly water: simply squeeze in lemon or orange juice, or add some muddled berries (strawberries contain 91% water) and mint leaves into this sparkling summer refreshment. Simply make sure you’reusing carbonated water, and not tonic.

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