6 Ways to Stay Hydrated (Other than drinking water)

Forget boring water: suppose lolly sticks and summer soups!

Drink a herbal ice tea

Some teas are dehydrating, but decaffeinated tea is an exception. Cool down and re-hydrate after a long and tiring day by sipping on an herbal ice tea. Mix up some fruit puree and add it to a pot of tea. Then, let cool within the icebox and serve with ice based on your preference. Attempt employing cranberry, that contains antioxidants furthermore as natural minerals that help your body maintain its fluid balance.

Sip some summer soup

How to keep hydrated with soup, you ask? Soup may be a nice hydrating fluid to feature additional water into your diet, but nobody needs hot soup on a summer day. Instead, follow a soup recipe with hydrating vegetables like tomato (which contains 94.5% water) and cucumber (which contains 96% water), and a touch of salt, for a refreshing and healthy meal.

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