6 Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol


No tears anymore—this cuisine staple has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, and it’s possible thanks to a flavonoid called quercetin, that acts as an inhibitor that helps stop cholesterol from impeding arteries. Raw, onions might not be quite as effective, though: Some analysis indicates that onions in cooked dishes had a a lot of profound impact on blood cholesterol. Onion’s culinary cousins, including garlic and leeks, have a similar result. “Mediterranean lore is full of tales concerning leeks, most of them have recently been proven to be true,” says Riolo. They’ll scale back unhealthy cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and maintain healthy blood pressure level.”


Oats, bran, and various whole grains are great sources of soluble fiber, a nutrient that binds to dietary cholesterol and stops it from being absorbed by the body, says Dr. Vojdani. “For many individuals, that will be enough to attain purposeful results,” he says.

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