5 honey treatments for great skin and hair

If, like mine, your cupboard is full of various jars of honey you’ve scooped up this summer at farmers markets and vegetable stands, you will be wandering what to try and do with all that sticky sweet stuff.

Of course, there’s always baking, cooking and using it in tea, but why not make it work for your skin? Home skin care recipes that use honey are a staple since we tend to follow teen magazines — and that’s for a good reason. Honey is considered an antibacterial, rich in antioxidants and great for acne, defying aging, unclogging pores and softening skin.

Before using honey on your skin, be certain you’re not allergic by testing a small amount on the inside of your wrist to measure any reaction.

Raw honey, that has the most healing properties, appears to be the most effective bet. Usually found at farmers markets, this opaque honey is thick and unfiltered, with bits of floating matter. But you can try any natural or organic honey.

Here are some beauty treatments made of honey to get you going.

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